Founded in 2015, Lincoln Road is a private equity firm which invests in founder owned businesses

Lincoln Road identifies founder owned companies that operate in fragmented industries that it believes have unrealized growth potential and would benefit from an acquisition strategy and operational improvement.

Lincoln Road emphasizes collaboration and works closely with management and stakeholders. Together, we are able to help companies and founders unlock the next level of growth.

Industry Focus
Business Services

Infrastructure, Industrial, Facilities Maintenance, Environmental, Government, B2B/B2C, Healthcare, and Technology Services

Value-Added Distribution

HazMat Distribution, 3PL, and Heavy Equipment Outfitting

Specialty Manufacturing

Chemicals and Packaging

Investment Criteria
  1. North American focus
  2. Minimum EBITDA of $3 million (no restrictions for add-on investments)
  3. Founder or family owned business
How we do business

At Lincoln Road our team has sat at the table as both buyers and sellers. As such, we have experienced the difference between a cooperative buyer and a difficult one. In our experience, the best outcomes typically involve the former. We believe the key to the success of any business are through its relationships. Therefore, the following qualities are paramount to how we do business:

We always do what we say

We do not focus on minor details and look to minimize distractions

We are always transparent in our views

We bring certainty to transactions, providing sellers with speed or pacing as needed

We approach all challenges pragmatically and seek to solve problems, not create them

We work in concert with management to implement value enhancing initiatives

How We Add Value

As a firm, we believe we help create an optimal working environment for all parties involved, typically translating to best-in-class results.


Strengthen financial controls and systems


Execute add-on acquisitions


Integrate add-ons


Hyperboost organic growth


Develop scalable infrastructure


Recruit and fill key positions