About Lincoln Road

Founded in 2015, Lincoln Road is a private equity firm which invests in market leading businesses. Lincoln Road emphasizes collaboration and works closely with management and stakeholders. Together, we are able to help companies and founders unlock the next level of growth.

There is no one term to define the unique investment opportunities we encounter. In some cases, the businesses in which we invest are not performing in-line with their historical performance or industry peers. Often times, these businesses are experiencing industry changes, secular or cyclical shifts, operational challenges, or have suffered from capital underinvestment. In other instances, we help companies successfully establish stand-alone operations after being divested by a parent organization. Different still, we can help budding enterprises establish best practices in managing accelerated growth.

Lincoln Road takes a pragmatic, creative approach to solving the puzzles that each of the previous scenarios present. In all examples, we adhere to a disciplined investment philosophy which delivers industry leading risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders.

How We Do Business

At Lincoln Road our team has sat at the table as both buyers and sellers. As such, we have experienced the difference between a cooperative buyer and a difficult one. In our experience, the best outcomes typically involve the former. We believe the key to the success of any business are through its relationships. Therefore, the following qualities are paramount to how we do business:

  • We always do what we say
  • We do not focus on minor details and look to minimize distractions
  • We are always transparent in our views
  • We bring certainty to transactions, providing sellers with speed or pacing as needed
  • We approach all challenges pragmatically and seek to solve problems, not create them
  • At Lincoln Road we are focused on getting transactions closed in order to work in concert with management to implement value enhancing initiatives. As a firm, we believe we help create an optimal working environment for all parties involved, typically translating to best-in-class results

Please visit our “Focus” page to learn more about our investment parameters. To discuss a transaction opportunity or to learn more about Lincoln Road in order to better understand our platform and / or add-on acquisition goals and our long-term strategic plans, feel free to contact us at sourcing@lincolnroadmgmt.com. We believe some of the best opportunities stem from early, active dialogues with management teams and sector-focused intermediaries.